MacBook Pro Mockup Side View

MacBook Pro Mockup Side View

MacBook mockups have become an essential tool for presenting designs to clients, and now Artboard Studio makes it even easier to create those realistic scenes with their reliable MacBook mockup. By using this straightforward platform, you can position MacBook around and make your own unique composition quickly, while also being able to customize the backdrop color to best present your design. With Artboard Studio's MacBook mockup feature, creating high-quality and engaging design presentations has never been simpler.

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What is a mockup?

A mockup is a visual prototype used in design to represent the intended appearance and functionality of a project, aiding in visualization, feedback, and decision-making in the early development stages.

How to make mockup?

Make a search or browse from mockup categories. Drag and drop the mockup item or template into your canvas. It will automatically come with customization artboards. Place your design on these empty artboards to render them on the mockup item. Watch this video to learn.

Free mockup templates

You can start using Artboard Studio today for free and experience making mockups. Pick any template from any category, choose your favorite template and start customizing. It is very easy to use, works in any browser. You do not need Photoshop.

Make mockup online

The best part of Artboard Studio is it is an online mockup app. You have all customization functions and assets right in your browser. No need to download PSD mockup files or Adobe Photoshop.